Reactivate your In-App purchase

1. Open the App

If the in-app purchases are not activated after your purchase or if you want to activate them again after a new download, then follow these steps. First of all open the app and click on Start.

2. Navigate to the Shop-page

Now click on the button in the upper right corner to get to the shop page.

3. Restore your purchase

Click on the Restore button at the bottom of the page. Now your purchase is activated again.

4. It didn't work? Other possible troubleshooting options

Are you signed in to the App Store with the Apple ID you used to make your purchase?

1. Open the App Store app then tap Today

2. Tap your User Account icon then tap your Apple ID. Enter your Apple ID password if requested (or Touch ID/Face ID)

3. Scroll and tap Purchase History (under iTunes in the Cloud section)

4. In the overview, you see all your purchases